At your first office visit, you will need to provide contact information, insurance information, a valid ID (such as drivers license), and details of your medical history. Please have this information readily available including medical problems, surgeries, medications, allergies, etc. We know this information is very sensitive and your file is kept confidential.  A comprehensive understanding of your overall general health is important to enhance your office experience and to aid our clinicians with medical decision-making.  Please bring any prior studies related to your orthopedic condition such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or nerve conduction studies. If your orthopedic condition required surgery by a specialist from another practice, please make an effort to obtain a copy of your ‘operative report’.  If you have not already received our new patient forms in the mail, please call our office at (423) 778-5995 to obtain these prior to your visit.

Personal Hygiene

To expedite your visit, we request that you wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water, and if possible, clean under and trim your toenails. This enhances the cleanliness of our exam rooms and is requested out of courtesy for both our staff and patients alike.

Your Experience

Your impression of our office and staff is very important to us. We consider both positive and negative feedback very valuable as we strive to consistently provide a pleasant clinical experience for each patient. We cannot accommodate all ideas and suggestions, however comments that are consistent help us to identify areas in need of improvement and to implement appropriate changes.