Dr. Jesse Doty is a foot & ankle fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in providing musculoskeletal care to the lower extremity. Subspecialty training equipped him to confidently address some of the most complicated deformities of the foot and ankle. His practice is located in Chattanooga, TN.


Foot & Ankle Surgery

 Often times pain in the foot results from a chronic deformity that progresses over time rather than an acute injury. It is important to accurately identify the cause of your foot pain so it can be appropriately addressed. Sometimes foot and ankle pain may be relieved with conservative measures without the need for surgery. Other times patients find that operative correction may give them a less painful and a more functional foot.

Fracture Surgery

 Fractures are nearly always unexpected and while we can never be fully prepared to experience such an injury, it is comforting to know you are in experienced hands. We feel it is important to be well rehearsed with surgical anatomy and to be very methodical when attempting to stabilize injuries sustained from trauma. We take pride in setting a high standard for orthopaedic trauma.

The Surgical Experience

For many of us, operative intervention becomes necessary at some point in our lives. While some things about surgery are inevitable, often there are controllable factors to improve the surgical experience. An understanding of what to expect during the preoperative planning period and an idea of what your postoperative care entails will help you be better prepared. 


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